Worldscape is a mammoth element of continuous integrated landscape furniture initially designed for Latitudinal Cuisine -
a monument built from and for the world, carved from its precise contours to provide seating for 80 people.

above: views from far West & East; below: views with Northern Russia, West Africa, the Himalayas, and China in the foreground.

above: detail views of Central Europe, Northern Greenland and African heartlands; below: various -2000m benches; view along the Northern shores of Russia; view West along Latitude 30.

It was the centrepiece of the extraordinary banqueting event Global Feast, coinciding with each evening of the London 2012 Olympics - 20 evenings serving a different slice of world food each night, curated and produced by Kerstin Rodgers, Alex Haw and Sinead Mac Manus, and co-developed with a different supperclub chef each night.

It has traveled to The Stratford Old Town Hall, Newham Borough Council Headquarters, Lime Wharf, the Annex at 45 Vyner Street, & Memrise.

It was a highlight of 100% Design 2013 during the London Design Festival (FRAME; "incredible"; RIBA: "breathtaking...amazing...",
and the centrepiece of the 2013 Timber Expo.

It won a 2013 UK Wood Award, for which the judges invented an entirely new category, describing it as "the extraordinary translation of a huge idea into a functional product... deliciously mad and completely refreshing."

It is available for hire, and is also for sale. An 18-page- overview is here; a 3-page summary here.

Please contact Alex Haw at atmos for any enquiries on (tel) +44 (0)7815 040 619 or (e)

above: a lovely video on the project by David Baksh as part of the forthcoming "Flatpack Earth" documentary.
below: various journeys through the structure, animated by atmos;
bottom: a walkaround the last night at Global Feast by Anatolya / Stephen Tiley.


Worldscape design development page

Worldscape Facebook page

Global Feast Website

Global Feast Facebook page

Project team:

Concept & Design: atmos (Alex Haw, Pablo Milara, Friedrich Vitzthum)
Development: Alex Haw, Pablo Milara, Friedrich Vitzthum, Dom Rago-Verdi, Xiaolin Gu, Melissa Reynaud, Ana Maria Diaz, Ana Sidorova, Nick O'Neill, Dan Mahoney, Chris Green, Jeg Dudley, Rowan Taylor
Construction: above + Anibal Puron, Martin, Sinead Mac Manus, Stefan Simanowitz, Marcus Keohane, Jonathan Taylor, Leo, William Hardie, Andrew Atkins, Anke Weber
Fabrication: kindly sponsored by The Cutting Room (very special thanks to Mark Durey)
Plywood: kindly sponsored by DHH Timber

With very special thanks to Thomas Ugo Ermacora (Lime Wharf), Alison Davenport (Stratford Old Town Hall), and Sinead Mac Manus - the very centre of this world.

above: a perfect never-seen, never-accessed view of the whole..
below: the underside offers an extraordinary space for further exploration - a journey below the centre of the earth: